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for confirmation of IDF’s weakness. IDF was actually unprepared to fight a politically correct war with no political objective or realizable strategic goal.

Although finishing second, Royal received almost half the French votes. Sarkozy’s grandfather was a converted Jew.

After ousting ministers and other government officials, Attorney General orders Justice Ministry to fire the members of the rabbinical council that oversees Gentiles’ conversion to Judaism. Mazuz, with no religious knowledge whatsoever, has decided that the rabbis are unqualified to serve as judges.
Israeli Left insists on drastically simplified religious conversion as a way to assimilate 500,000 Gentiles which the Jewish Agency brought to Israel mostly from Russia, often with fake documents. Though other countries have secularized, Israeli government usurps the rabbinical authority.

cancels her visit to Israel. The country will get a respite from Rice’s pressure for more concessions to Arabs. Livni will wait for her friend. Rice has authored exceedingly lame essays on military matters during her years at university.

amid charges of financial fraud in WJC and related organizations. Bronfman run WJC for decades as his private company. WJC peddles influence for its bosses, the self-appointed “Jewish leaders.” WJC conducts no activities that benefit common Jews.

offers Israel peace talks with no realistic agenda, accumulates military forces at the border with Israel.
Israeli officials split about Syria’s intentions. National Security Council’s Mizrahi cautiously suggests Syria wants peace. Military Intelligence’s Biadatz believes the Syrian peace initiative is for real. Mossad’s Meir Dagan dismisses Syria’s overtures as meant to buy it time and break the international isolation.
Syria assembled more troops at the border with Israel than at any time since the Yom Kippur War. The intentions are clear.

Conservatives and communists equally accuse Olmert of fighting the Lebanese war instead of seeking unspecified political solutions. Beilin is afraid Olmert will lead Israel to “another war,” in Gaza.
Though Winograd report condemns Olmert for the IDF’s unsatisfactory preparedness, Olmert was elected shortly before the war and cannot bear responsibility. Ariel Sharon neglected the army and fired the capable commanders who opposed the disengagement from Gaza.

expressing disloyalty to Israel. Lebanese French have also voted for Sarkozy. France’s attitude to Israel’s next war with Hezbollah remains ambiguous.

for missile attacks. Livni accused the government of not heeding the IDF’s request to carry out a military operation in Gaza. Winograd blasted Olmert for doing just that, following the army’s recommendations.
Keenly sensing the public mood, Israeli politicians adopt the right-wing rhetoric.

May 2007
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