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of a fuel truck near the Palestinian capital of Ramallah.

Livni will continue in Olmert’s government despite demanding earlier that Olmert steps down.

The highest Jewish court aims at establishing “universal values” (sharia is more universal than Judaism), tolerance (nationalist Jewish zealots will be sentenced), love of humanity (co-existence with Arab enemies), a “society that fulfills expectations of the founding fathers” (socialists like Ben Gurion, Rabin the murderer of Altalena, and Teddy Kollek the British agent). Beinisch moralized about “a society made up of good people,” opposed Jewish character of the State of Israel and any violence – including the “violence” of Jewish demonstrators. Beinisch called for more brainwashing of Israeli children in schools. Not a single time in her speech did Beinisch mentioned rule of law, being preoccupied with judicial activism.
There is some hope in Beinisch’ statements about “political turmoil” and “storm clouds.” Bad for Beinisch, good for the Jews.

as a defense minister. The Peace Now activist and trade union’s leader goes hawkish, blames “defensive concept” for military failures. Peretz eyes Finance Ministry. He lacks professional qualifications for running either defense or finance.

Reporters prohibited from entering Iranian parliament over insulting the grandest ayatollah Sistani. Iraq bans Al Jazeera since 2004.

blast the practice of swearing at the terrorists, chaining them to chairs, and isolating them. Neither b’Tzelem, nor any other leftist human rights group has condemned the police’s brutal treatment of Jewish demonstrators.

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