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Hezbollah repaired its ranks with new volunteers, stocked new weapons, and adjusted its tactics (Naim Kassem to Al Jazeera). IDF takes similar measures.

Like Iran, Jordan claims it will develop only peaceful nuclear energy. Abdullah earlier said Jordan needs nuclear energy to desalinate water. Large-scale desalination of the Dead Sea spells ecological catastrophe. Jordan possesses close to 200,000 tons of uranium deposits.

Egypt remains skeptical Israel would accept Saudi “peace plan” which calls for return of millions of refugees and partition of Jerusalem with Palestinians.

Profit share is capped at $12.5%, three times above the profits Saddam had paid to Russian and Chinese oil investors. The law diminishes Iraqi’s central government authority by allowing provincial administrations to grant oil concessions. The Kurds vowed to continue independent oil deals regardless of the law passing the parliament.

rejects the new timeline for concessions imposed by the US.
Israeli Foreign Ministry lies, “”We never had any illusions as to the policies and goals of the Hamas.” Israel nurtured Hamas as an opposition to Arafat.

Mohammad Khatami’s close associate ex-nuclear negotiator Mousavian arrested on espionage charges. Before the US salvaged him as an opposition leader, Khatami was fervently spreading Shiite Islam in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

strike over not receiving their salaries on time. No Palestinian group has ever protested Hamas or PLO attacks on Israel.

Peres was instrumental in bringing Arafat from Tunisia to Gaza on the assumption that the reformed Arafat would make peace with Israel. The subsequent “peace process” claimed more Jewish casualties than Yom Kippur war.

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