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Muqtadaís Mahdi Army attacked the Badr Brigades affiliated with Iraqi police.

Livniís putsch, Dayanís demonstrations failed to overturn Olmert. Friends and sponsors stick to Olmert rather than trying to salvage their investment in Kadima with Livni. Olmert is now the best prime minister for the right wing: unable to garner support for evacuation of Judea and Samaria and not pressured to do so by EU and US who prefer him to Netanyahu.

PIJ fighters courageously refused to surrender and be freed soon in the prisonersí exchange.

150,000 crowd in Tel Aviv demanded ousting Olmert for, as Winograd alleges, blindly following the armyís recommendations and fighting the Lebanese back rather than seeking political measures. Demonstrations against Gush Katif eviction didnít gather that many people. Meretz, Likud, and NRPKatif eviction didnít gather that many people. Meretz, Likud, and NRPKatif eviction didnít gather that many people. Meretz, Likud, and NRPKatif eviction didnít gather that many people. Meretz, Likud, and NRPKatif eviction didnít gather that many people. Meretz, Likud, and NRP joined to organize the rally. Qui bono? Netanyahu.

So far, the State Departmentís advices failed in Afghanistan, Iraq, and elsewhere. Recommendations include opening Israeli market to Palestinian migrant workers and tax-free producers. The US, for its part, seeks to limit the flow of migrant workers from Mexico.

Paz-Pines will sit in the tent only occasionally, and devote most time to running in Labor primaries and living as usual.

until it halts the nuclear program (Rice).

The pro-independence Scottish National Party wins the largest number of seats in Scotlandís parliament. Globalization, brotherhood of nations, and peace prove illusory time and again; national identity matters.

IDF will leave the village of Ghajar to satisfy the UNIFILís demand. The Alawite villagers implore Israel not to abandon them to the Lebanese.

IDFís HR tsar Elazar Stern banned religious Jews from the elite Golani and paratroopers units. Religious Jews willingly forgo their exception from the conscription to serve in the IDF, and are renown for bravery. Stern demanded that many religious Jews assimilate into ďintegratedĒ platoons with secular Israelis, which leaves no opportunity for religious observance.

Firebomb moderately injures the victim.

Shortly after Bronfman junior (World Jewish Congress) was urged to step down amid charges of financial fraud, discreditable information on Israel Singerís (former WJC boss) associate Hoxter has been publicized. Curtis Hoxter received $709,000 from the March of the Living for nothing. Israeli Finance Minister Hirchson received bribes from the same organization, funded by the Claims Conference which pockets the money received from Swiss banks for the Jews who perished in Holocaust. The Claims Conference distributes minor amounts to Holocaust Survivors while spending the most for salaries, benefits, bribes, and irrelevant programs.

In addition to its vast network of radio stations, websites, and satellite TV channel, Hamas founded a free 24-page newspaper with initial staff of 50 people.

of the forceful demands hurled on Iran for return of kidnapped British soldiers. Palestine is a special country, accorded a special treatment.
Haniyeh reveals that a ďgroup of youthsĒ keeps the journalists. Hamas and Fatah, acting jointly, still cannot influence the militant group. It is unlikely that that and other radical groups could be forced to accept peace with Israel.

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