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“We stand by you and support you,” says South Africa’s Intelligence Minister Kasrils to Hamas’ Haniyeh, demands that international community lifts sanctions against the Hamas government. South Africa traditionally aligned itself with Israel. Ronnie Kasrils is a Jew, works for the black African National Congress.

Livni refuses to resign, says she wants to signal leadership, not protest. Livni has supported Olmert’s wartime decisions. Now Livni wants none of the responsibility, but to remove Olmert and lead Kadima. Olmert’s other accomplices, including Peretz, refused to quit.

skirmishes in the Knesset aim at overthrowing Olmert. Netanyahu, who signed Wye River accords and gave Hebron to Arabs, wants to lead the country again.

With no MK’s speaking at the protest rallies in Tel Aviv, organizers settled for popular musicians as a way to attract and cheer up some crowds. Uzi Dayan, one of the organizers, supported Barak’s year 2000 withdrawal from Lebanon. The protests are expected to gather few people because Winograd report contained no shocking news, and mostly accuses Olmert of launching a very popular war instead of seeking unspecified political solutions.

Two Arabs died on the spot, near Karnei Shomron.

conducts the largest military buildup at the Israeli border since Yom Kippur war. Syria purchased and manufactured huge numbers of SCUD missiles, kept in underground bunkers, and Russian anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles. Israeli army made no counter-move at all. Meridor, Israeli rep in the US, refreshingly reassured Syria that Israel wants peace.

to treat her son according to the Koran. According to Koran, though, infidel soldiers must be killed.

Rice and the Syrian foreign minister discussed the business of evicting Israel from the Golan Heights in exchange for Syrian promise of closing its border with Iraq.
Weeks ago, Bush blasted Nancy Pelosi for meeting Assad.
Rice and Iranian FM welcomed each other during the lunch.

Paris Club of lender nations has already forgiven $100 bn of Iraqi debt. Israel pays off her $82 bn foreign debt.

When questioned by FBI, Mohammed Subeh withheld that his Arab-American brother joined Al Aqsa Martyers Brigade to become a suicide bomber. That brother lives now in Bethlehem.

Though the payments will bypass Hamas, Palestinians will see the situation normalized despite Hamas staying in power.

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