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The Supreme Court of Israel ordered Israeli government to reinforce all classrooms in primary and secondary schools in Sderot and other Jewish towns near Gaza border. The court expects children to study under fire.
Israeli government argued for reinforcing some rooms only and training Jewish schoolchildren to reach reinforced spaces in 20 seconds flat. The government expressed concern during the Supreme Court hearing that schools in other parts in Israel will demand protection like in Sderot. Such demand won’t be unreasonable, given the missile threat from Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, and the West Bank.
The Supreme Court decided that children should be protected at any cost. What about their parents? old people? women? men? What about the homes of these children? The Supreme Court stopped short of ordering the government to reinforce every house in Israel.

during the meeting between the presidents of Israel and the United States. Bush is expected to instruct Olmert on further withdrawal from territories that America earmarked for Palestinian state, as well as on Israeli attitude to Syria and Iran.

British colleges and universities will boycott Israeli academics. Israeli students are forced out of the British educational institutions by popular hostility.
Britain’s largest trade union UNISON will join the boycott.
Britain has only instituted similar measures against breakaway Rhodesia and partially – against South Africa in its last days.

America, Russia, UN, and EU issued a joint statement in Berlin calling on the Palestinians to end civil war and renounce violence against Israel. The Quartet statement signals toleration of Israeli invasion of Gaza.

Israel Beitenu’s Lieberman called for blockade of Gaza, repressions against Palestinian terrorist prisoners in Israel, and retaliatory bombings. Lieberman talks right. If only he had put his voting arm where his mouth is.

Lebanese army laid siege to Palestinian refugee camp which serves as a base for Fatah al Islam terrorist group, supported by Syria. Lebanese army will use tanks and artillery against the Palestinian refugee camps. Some Lebanese civilians fled the camp, but most stay with the guerrillas.

Israeli Prime Minister related any discussions on Arab peace initiative with Arabs’ ability to carry on their peaceful promises So far, Arab states failed to quash violence in Gaza and Palestinian missile attacks against Israel. Olmert declared that Israel will only consider Saudi peace initiative if Arab governments deal with the Palestinians to stop Kassam attacks from Gaza.

The former Sephardic Chief Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu advocates carpet bombing Gaza in response to missile attacks against Sderot. Judaism holds the entire enemy population responsible for attacks on Jews. The Allies similarly held all Germans responsible for the Second World War and bombed German cities indiscriminately.
Chief Rabbi Eliyahu, uniquely among the religious establishment, was a major supporter of Rabbi Meir Kahane.

Chai Shalom died from the wounds he suffered in Kassam attack.

European Union’s president Hans-Gert Pottering promised Israel support in case of Iranian threat. The EU did nothing when Iran promised recently to wipe Israel off the map. EU doesn’t approve of military action against Iranian nuclear facilities. Iran doesn’t threaten EU. If Iran nukes Israel, true, the European Parliament will honor the Jews with a minute of silence.
Pottering also supports a Palestinian state and “land for peace” deal. Arafat refused such deal, and Germany had never practiced that approach, but fought incessantly for Alsace-Lorraine. The EU president Pottinger condemned Israel for the terrible conditions in the Palestinian territories.

Turkey amassed military forces at the border with Iraq ready to attack the terrorist Kurdistan. Israel supports Kurdistan as a base for operations against Iran. Western oil corporations support the Kurdish state in Iraqi oilfields.

Fatah’s militant wing, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade, issued an ultimatum to secret Israeli collaborators among the West Bank’s Palestinian population to confess and repent. To begin with, Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade shot two collaborators in Nablus. Many members of Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade serve in Abbas’ forces trained by Americans and supplied by Israel.

The US State Department’s Rice opposed to Israeli talks to Syria which “destabilizes the region” by channeling weapons and terrorists to Iraq. Rice ignored that it was herself and Bush who destabilized the region by destroying Saddam’s stable dictatorship.
Olmert prepares for unofficial talks with Syria.

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