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submits a law which allows the ministry to change pension provisions of the collective agreements. Unable to dismantle the socialist-era trade unions, Finance Ministry tries to usurp some of the Histadrutís power.

14% of Palestinians feel more secure under Hamas rule (Neareast Consulting poll) while 22% generally support Hamas. 41% trust neither Fatah nor Hamas which opens a way for a new political force.

urge Olmert to step down. Livni lacks significant military experience, vowed to continue evacuation from Judea and Samaria, help create a Palestinian state. Winograd report doesnít level crucial accusations at Olmert. The establishment hunts the Prime minister down after he proved insufficiently prompt in returning Judea and Samaria to Arabs.
The report criticizes Olmert for starting the war too rapidly.

for ground offensive in Lebanon. As if the opinions of Deputy Chief of Staff and OC Northern Command mattered with the prime minister of disengagement or a Peace Now activist Peretz. IDFís top brass was subservient to political whims in every war.

The man who has told the world about Israeli nuclear program in 1986, is convicted on 14 charges. Olmert, who likewise confirmed Israeli nuclear deterrent publicly, remains at large.

Lev Levaev buys $525 mil NY Times building, upping that Israelites’ New York investment to a billion. Levaevís friends range from ex-Mossadís Danny Yatom to Putin. His associate Gaydamak will run for Jerusalem mayor with pitiful prospects.

The opposition’s boss, ex-president Khatami recently cursed an Israeli reporter and declared the Iranian nuclear program peaceful.

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