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Police charges the maverick Arab politician with passing unspecified secrets to the enemy.

Bowing down to American pressure, Israel will not invade Gaza in response for the resumed rocket attacks. Hamas formally ended truce after IDF killed nine Arabs over the weekend.

Declares, if any more soldiers are kidnapped, Israel will kidnap Hanieyh. Palestinians attempted to kidnap Israeli soldiers under the cover of rocket barrages on Monday.
Sneh: “We will reduce the level of terrorism as much as possible.” Others prefer to reduce the terrorism as much as necessary.

Soldiers, Sderot residents confirm dozens rockets are fired from Gaza, in line with Hamas’ figures and contrary to IDF’s official claim of six rockets only.

Conservative estimates of disengagement from Judea and Samaria project the costs in excess of $50 bn.

for asking Israel to retract from its current policy of “fear, terror, division.”

after American presidential elections, claims Iran needs weapons-grade uranium and ballistic missiles for peaceful energy programs.

celebrating Independence Day in the Megiddo Forest. Firendly Arabs waived PLO flags.

DuMont announces his goal of acquainting Israel with “better, pre-Nazi Germany.” Every pre-Nazi German government except the Weimar republic severely restricted civil rights of the Jews.

Promises the Hamas won’t shell Israel for long.

Iraq paints a relatively rosy picture for its foreign sponsors, arrests thousands at random to imitate a crackdown on insurgents.

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