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Foxman’s title Never Again? harkens to Rav Meir Kahane’s famous Never Again! book. ADL condemns Kahane as extremist, US declared his group Foreign Terrorist Organization.

defined as “public incitement to violence and hatred directed against people defined by . . . national or ethnic origin.” If implemented, the law should end all wars since they critically depend on propaganda. (Framework Agreement by Justice and Home Affairs Council)

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade openly trains its forces in UNRWA refugee camps, such as Bureij in Gaza. Future martyrs receive monthly checks from the UN along with other third-generation refugees.

Study by the Almagdor association shows that earlier released Arab prisoners killed 177 Jews in the last five years.

Five earlier reductions didn’t help. The current interest rate threatens inflation. Shekel rises because of Israelis’ relative poverty and highly unequal income distribution: foreign investment and exports of a few large companies outpace consumer imports.

conditions assistance to the North on dismantling its nuclear program. Though two Koreas ended war without peace treaty, South regularly provides aid to the North. North Korea reneged on its commitment to stop the reactor by April 14.

praises cooperation with Arab-rights organizations. Border Police committed many brutalities against Jewish protesters in Gush Katif and elsewhere. Hasain Faris tries to whitewash his image before departure, says protesters should not “raise their hands,” protests must be limited to raising flags.

Palestinians from Gaza robbed a Jew in his Tel Aviv apartment, tied him and left to suffocate slowly. Israeli court downgraded the initial murder charge. Jewish prostitute abetted the Arabs.

Disturbed by growing cooperation between Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood (Egypt’s major opposition force), Egypt slightly cracks down on Hamas visitors. Palestinian al-Masri was detained at al-Arish airport in Sinai with hundreds of thousands of dollars Hamas collected in Egypt.

agrees to freeze the Iranian accounts long emptied of funds.

No embargo was ever imposed on Palestinian trade. US and EU briefly ceased aid to Palestine after the democratic elections brought Hamas to power. Palestine receives more aid compared to its GDP than any other country.

12 patients in Kfar Saba hospital infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria, 4 dead.

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