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Ahmed Gheit met Israeli fugitive MK Bishara, indicted for treason and money laundering. Bashara resigns from Knesset. Knesset reacts, cancels Bishara’s free newspaper subscriptions.

IDF killed notorious bomb-maker Amin Lubadi, a teenager throwing Molotov cocktail, and several other Arabs

Olmert claims Hezbollah “neutralized,” denies reports of it preparing summer offensive. Speaking of Iran, Olmert called sanctions “unprecedented” (assets of 28 people frozen, non-existent Iranian arms exports banned), dismisses Iranian nuclear threat as “apocalyptic predictions.”

In the wake of prisoners’ exchange, arresting two more was not feasible

The aid will be used for weapons purchases and welfare payments to Hamas electorate.

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Foreign journalists shy Gaza, produce fewer anti-Israeli reports. Britain’s journalists’ union recently decided to boycott Israel.

Fraud Squad interrogates Minister of Strategic Threats over his election campaign funding

Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, PIJ, other groups. GOC Southern Command major general Yoav Golant also said, Hamas smuggled over 30 tons of explosives for use against Israel.

Winograd Committee interim report will detail to enemies Israeli government wartime functioning and decision-making procedures. Other than that, the report is expected to reveal nothing new.

In face of Arab violence after the Oslo accords, Jews move from Jaffa.

Ethnic-blind Israel hosts 1,425,000 Arabs, 280,000 official Slavs and estimated 200,000 with fake Jewish papers, 70,000 migrant workers. The official number of 5,415,000 Jews must be reduced by at least 200,000 who forged birth certificates in Russia.

Yosi Beilin introduces a bill for expelling Jews from Hebron

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