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If US doesn’t sell weapons to Saudi Arabia, Russia would. Saudis have no strategic enemy but several reports indicate A.Q.Khan delivered Saudis several Pakistani nuclear bombs.

Court essentially sided with Olmert and Peres, allowed publishing sections of report only. Publication is not expected to add to the obvious: Israeli government and staff handled the war in the manner of peace activists. Portions of the report to be published could benefit Olmart’s image.

Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania, whose populations actively collaborated with Nazis to annihilate local Jewry, demanded that EU defines Russian atrocities against them as Holocaust. Soviet Union prosecuted political opponents and arbitrarily defined “enemies of the state” but never conducted genocide in the Baltic states.

King calls creation of Palestinian step a first step toward Arab-Israeli peace. Implied, repatriation of refugees and partition of Jerusalem must follow. MK Hendel (NRP) says impressed by Abdullah’s dedication to peace.

Peacekeepers do not control Syrian border. Reports indicate Hezbollah plans another offensive against Israel. Syria cooperates with Hezbollah, adopts terrorist tactics for Golans.

Muslim-Black civil war apparently has higher priority than Iran’s nuclear program

Brainy treasurer deposited forged checks into her mother’s bank account. Police discovered the fraud just in time when Kadima needed to discredit Netanyahu.

British occupiers executed Feinstein (19, Irgun) for retaliatory bombing of Jerusalem train station

4,000 claimants filed suit in the US against Arab Bank for its role in channeling money to terrorists

Plans for new community, Ramat Arbel, scrapped. Arabs constitute majority in the Northern District of Jewish state.

Jews will also add 20% to Bedouin salaries to induce them to work. Aid to be approved on Sunday meeting.

For his part as a former prime minister, Netanyahu has failed and went home

calls on Israel to release Palestinian freedom fighters, declares Israel terrorist state.

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