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Barghouti builds reputation of peacemaker. Journalists must be returned because he was friendly to Arabs. To kidnap unfriendly correspondents is acceptable.

promises talks after Israel accepts the return of millions Arab refugees.

Iran, however, lost more people in war with Iraq than Israel can kill in nuclear retaliation. Israeli retaliation cannot deter the mullahs who ignore mass destruction.

In its quest for nuclear dominance, Iran constructs heavy-water reactor in addition to its centrifuges in Natanz.

declare Rabbi Wolpo a lone maverick with no ties to Chabad. Wolpo purchased big board space on Israeli buses to sport the Rebbe’s face and the statement, “A Palestinian state is a disaster for Israel.”

Disengagement Authority head Bassi says he’s used to insults. Baruch Marzel shuts down electricity to prevent Bassi from speaking.

Israeli attack against Syria being completely unnecessary and implausible, Syria beefs up its defensive capabilities to inhibit Israeli reprisals for low-level attacks on Golans. Syria is expected to launch Hezbollah-type massive rockets attacks on Golans.

In a rare decision, Jerusalem court acquitted Shmuel Yehezkel who shot an Arab. Israeli courts mostly sentence the Jews who kill or wound Arabs in self-defense. Yehezkel will not be reimbursed for defense costs. Police asserts Yehezkel had to shoot the Arab who drove at him in minivan; that makes an unusual driver because the Arab was shot in the back.

Yad Vashem recognized Andree Geulen-Herscovici as a Righteous Among the Nations in 1989, but only now has Israel offered citizenship to 86-year-old woman. “Disobeying the laws of the time was just the normal thing to do,” said Andre in direct relevance to the current situation.

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