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plant 4 million profitable trees along Israeli borders. Groves will create hiding place for infiltrators and prompt Arabs to enter Israel illegally to steal olive crops.

proposes third-part control over Jewish holy sites, end to archeological excavations. The report declares Jerusalem “the heart of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” though Palestinian Arabs have no historical connection with the city and weren’t for peace before 1967 when Jordan occupied Jerusalem.

JA failed to provide records of expenses. JA claims Gaydamak breached the agreement.

Information Minister Bilal demanded that Israel accepts Saudi plan. Russia recently warned Israel of impending war with Syria. Bilal’s mention of “resistance” suggests terrorist rather than conventional war. Syria could use Hezbollah’s tactics and shower Golans with Scud missiles while countering Israeli reprisal with Russian anti-aircraft and anti-tank missiles.

Iranian consulate officials in Turkey interrogate Israelis of Iranian origin who apply for visa. According to Shin Bet, interrogation centers on Israeli military installations, security loopholes, and sabotage options. Jews are paid thousands dollars to spy for Iran which recruited at least 10% of the visitors.

disperses demonstration of Arab journalists who protest kidnapping of their British colleague by Palestinian security forces.

Recent shooting in American university proved a boon to anti-gun campaigners. Availability of guns surely adds to criminal situation: absent of firearm, the shooter would unlikely have devised another mode of mass murder. Oklahoma bombing shows that unlikely things happen. Gun ownership in Canada, Switzerland, and Norway approaches the US, but their homicide rates are 3-6 times lower. Total (firearm and otherwise) homicide rate in America is only twice that of Canada, Finland, or Scotland – ostensibly safe countries. Homicides in America are spread unevenly, concentrated in several notorious inner cities. Other than in those small, degraded enclaves violent crime is very low – and decreasing.

Americans possess hundreds of millions of handguns and rifles. If gun ownership is restricted, criminals won’t surrender their weapons. They can also re-supply from Mexico. Students have no trouble buying drugs now, and would buy illegal firearms with similar ease.

Leftists and idealists cooperate to bring down the institute of gun ownership. Leftists instinctively dislike popular resistance to their rule while idealists imagine people will cease killing if guns are not sold legally. For bvious security reasons, Israel could not significantly restrict gun ownership, but leftist courts consistently sentence the Jews, even soldiers who shoot Arabs in self-defense, and thus effectively rendered guns useless. That is, useless for Jews.

Missiles, announced by Abu Omar, head of Islamic state of Iraq, will expand Al Qaeda’s capability to target the population and augment suicide bombings in Iraq.

Of $1.5 bn reported for 2006, 55% is Intel Corp.’s commitment spread over 10 years. Average annual investment until 2017 projected at merely $150 mil.

Engineer Sabar Ali arrested for passing highly classified documents to Mossad. Israel closely watches Egyptian nuclear development and earlier killed Egyptian nuclear scientists.

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