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Israeli trade restrictions cripple Palestinian economy. Arab workers lack access to higher-wage Israeli labor market. Israel must not hinder free movement of Palestinians between Gaza and Judea/ Samaria.

unless approved by all Lebanese in referendum, unrealistic.

remain committed to expel a quarter of million Jews from Judea and Samaria. Holocaust is a stain on humanity, said Itzik. Mild sanctions against nuclear Iran show the world can bear another such stain.

Abbas in Jerusalem. Abu Mazen doctoral thesis questions the Holocaust and touts Zionist-Nazi ties.

Le Pen questioned the importance of Nazi death camps and rejected France’s role in deporting its Jews. His support comes from ethnic French rather than Judophobic Muslim immigrants.

Study hours rise steadily for decades due to the labor pressure to employ more teachers and increase salaries.

The Administration must not spray disputed lands with chemical dangerous to Bedouins and animals. The Court’s Arab judge rules the Administration have no right to protect the land against Bedouin incursions.

Jordan and Egypt will send instructors to train 1500-strong Presidential Guard. US provides $59 mln in weapons, equipment, and cash. Members of Presidential Guard carried a number of attacks against Jews.

After experience of Oslo, Clinton only needs half an hour to make Israel withdraw from Golan Heights and northern shore of Kineret (interview to Asharq al-Awsat)

Maliki and Sadr cooperate to present the US with Iraqi government cleansed of avowed terrorists. Sadr will switch from politics to street protests and terrorism. When Maliki fails, Sadr – untainted by political collaboration – will strengthen his position in government.

Iran launched 3,000 centrifuges in Natanz and will obtain enough weapons-grade uranium for a bomb in less than nine month. Iran already tested nuclear-capable missiles.

Thousands gather before Red Cross office in Gaza

Swapping hundreds of terrorist prisoners for corporal Shalit sends clear message to Hamas which stated today, “kidnapping soldiers and exchanging them for prisoners is the best solution for releasing our heroes”.

Two factions appear not so rival. Moderate Fatah profits from Shalit’s kidnapping. Stalin famously rejected German offer to exchange his POW son for Friedrich Paulus, saying he won’t exchange lieutenant for a general.

US Administration believes North Korea will stop the reactor after receiving mere $25 mln of previously frozen funds. Reactor can be re-started at any time. North Korea didn’t agree to end the nuclear program.

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