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National Union of Journalists decided to boycott Israeli goods. It is unknown whether Israeli news will be boycotted, as well.

cites photo caption that implies the Pope failed to save the Jews. The memorial doesn’t picture wartime incitation by Catholic and Protestant churches to murder Jews.

Jordan often hosts other prominent peace activists such as Abu Mazen, Ismail Haniyeh. Itzik will discuss 2002 Arab peace initiative, including partition of Jerusalem with Palestinians and admitting 3.5 million refugees.

Released to Syria after he claimed he illegally entered Israel for medical treatment. Illegal border crossing is a crime in Israel. Most countries jail criminals to avoid repetition.

Syria denounced Abe Suleiman as “strange” and “non-credible”

PHR also blasted Israel for insufficiently free and speedy health services to Arab workers, illegal immigrants, and Palestinian spouses of Israeli Arabs.

Realizing the communist dream, Israel has the highest ratio of labor strikes in the world

Christian Arab MK joined Hezbollah’s Nasrallah in Syria. Israeli right decry Bishara for honestly standing for the Arab goal of ethnic-blind Israel rather than Jewish state.

Unlike Arab terrorists, Jews are not likely to be released in prisoners swap

Jews cannot pray at Joshua bin Nun’s tomb without Israeli army presence for safety reasons. Tomb of Joshua had to be covered with concrete to prevent Arab vandalism.

Less moderate factions as Palestinian Islamic Jihad, work daily to make his dream true

Rising shekel hurts Israeli exports. Shekel increases against dollar due to high-tech boom.

claims that will open a new page in Israeli-Arab relations. Apparently, hardened terrorists will add to Hamas moderation.

for failure to communicate security code on suspicion of terrorist attack.

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