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British PM Blair warned Iran it risks isolation if the British soldiers not released. Blair did not care to isolate Iran over its nuclear program. Britain’s refusal to negotiate its soldiers’ release is an example to Olmert who plans freeing a thousand convicted terrorists in exchange for Gilad Shalit.

If the revolution means overturning Israeli government, then the EU got it right. Arabs lost all wars with Israel, and now agree to recognize her. They just ask to make Israel an Arab state by flooding her with the descendants of 1948′ refugees. The new peace initiative is a copy of 2002 offer.

Shop’s workers stabbed the attacker with knives. Luckily, he was a Jew and the workers won’t be charged with aggravated assault. Scores of Israeli soldiers and policemen were sentenced for wounding Arabs.

Histadrut associate of Amir Peretz, sexual copycat of Moshe Katsav, and political duplicate of Avigdor Lieberman looks for a portfolio. Time for Ramon to take revenge on the Supreme Court which ousted him.

Since Israel is all for peace with Arabs, only technical issues remain. Quartet seeks Israeli concessions on minor outstanding issues: return of 3.5 million descendants of the 1948 refugees and partitioning of Jerusalem.

who suffered heart attack. In the 1929 Hebron massacre, Jewish paramedic opened his heavily barricaded house to Arab woman in childbirth. His family was subsequently butchered.

Demonstrating his own moral values, Ayalon supported Shimon Peres for the president

Arrow is not intended against short- and mid-range rockets that hit Israel in recent years. Iran earlier detonated ballistic missile in mid-flight to bypass missile defense while critically damaging electronic infrastructure with magnetic impulse from high-altitude nuclear explosion. Iran can deliver nuclear weapon into Israel by land or sea rather than on unreliable ballistic missile. No country has actually defended itself with ABM.

Turkey’s inspectors supervise Israeli archeological works near the Temple Mount. Saudi peace plan calls for partition of Jerusalem. Palestinians claim the city as their capital.

Ibrahim Mustafa of Jedidah drove into the car of a 30-year-old Jew from Carmiel head-on.

Jordan signed peace treaty with Israel. Palestinian entity is governed by moderate Abbas.

demand that Israeli Army evicts the Jews from the recently purchased house in Hebron. Brinkner, Zimmerman, Hirschfeld and other teachers declare the purchase is in violation of unspecified international law, call on the army to protect 120,000 Arabs against the 600 Israeli settlers.

EU urged Israel to negotiate with Hamas, Hezbollah the conditions for return of the kidnapped soldiers

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