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Israel will grant citizenship to 300 Black illegals

No country grants citizenship immediately even to refugees, but after a period of 5-10 years of unblemished legal residence. Welcome to paradise. Jews will pay for the Blacks’ housing, medical care, education (?), and pay them family subsidies to breed. Once the information of the Jewish idiocy reaches Africa, crowds of Blacks will flock to the Promised Land. Olmert’s government set precedent for enfranchisement of Black illegals, and won’t be able to refuse other infiltrators with slightest connection to conflict zones. Israeli government hopes to stem the wave with quota system, but international law mandates accepting all refugees. Once Israel recognizes Black infiltrators as good faith refugees, there will be no legal way to end their wave.

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How quick do people forget the treatment Jews received from the non-nazi occupied countries. Now you say lets not let Blacks in… How different are you from those countries who refused Jews into their country.

Avni Goldberg 06 September 2007

a. Those Blacks are not refugees in Israel. They entered our country from Egypt which might mistreat them but there is no genocide. They entered Israel for economic benefits, not fleeing persecution in Egypt.
b. Even if Israel wants to give them TEMPORARY refuge, there is no need to grant them citizenship. After the things cool down in Sudan, let them go back.

admin 09 September 2007

Black illegals in Israel will prosper while Jews will work for them. But shouldn’t the blacks have white slaevs at least ones in their life?))) Whilst the whole world is trying to get rid of them, Black illegals in Israel are mostly welcome!

Carson Juneau 29 March 2010

There’re so many burning issues and many politicians or just some public people think, for example, how Israel will attack Iran. CAn you imagine iT?!

Fia Kaena_Point 29 March 2010

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