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Israel will attack Iran through Saudi Arabia

Turkish PM Erdogan harshly denied speculation that IAF might be allowed to use Turkish airspace even for reconnaissance flights over Iran, let alone an attack. While Erdogan’s rhetoric comes as no surprise, he would be hard pressed to convince Iran that Turkey’s relations with Israel have deteriorated were IAF to fly through Turkish airspace en route to an attack on Iran.

Iran is much stronger and more vocal than Syria, which let it pass when IAF flew through Turkish airspace to attack its reactor. Erdogan had no prior knowledge of the overflight, but Turkish air defenses could not have missed a massive number of Israeli jets flying toward Iran.

The Israeli government will be unwilling to risk its fragile relations with Turkey, especially since Saudi Arabia has agreed to provide its airspace for the attack. It is a great advantage for Israel that Saudi Arabia is a monarchy that cares nothing about its people’s opinion.

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“Israel will attack Iran” definitely should be in the inverted commas.”Israel will attack Iran” is some kind of a joke since Israel still has some mntal abilities present.

Ian Jasper 29 March 2010

We will bomb you is the best way to describe feelings Israelis must experience and Please, don’t! – the Turkish.

Aileana Jatiluhur 29 March 2010

Erdogan relations with Saudi Arabia will not change perhaps. On the other hand, though, Erdogan relations with Saudi Arabia may deteriorate because of coflicts between Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Braden Jefferson_City 29 March 2010

The point is that Israel may never attack Iran but there’re rumours and everyone is intereste don other people’s business. It’s like Greek orthodox sale of land to Israel. It seems that iot’s the business of Israel only. But Jordan is really interested in it too.

Brenda Jensen_Beach 29 March 2010

No one can tell for sure how Israel will attack Iran and whether it will do it ever at all.How Israel will attack Iran is another gossip or question if you like which will hardly ever be answered simply because luckily the governments of the countrie sstill undertsand the seriousness of consequences after such a step.

Brodie Johannesburg 29 March 2010

The only reason for Israel to attack Iran is Iran LPG it may get there. But suppose the world hopes the Jewish authorities haven’t completely lost their mind and attack this country because of it.

Tara Johnson_City 29 March 2010

After this news some people will surely start speaking about Iran’s attack on Saudi Arabia. Someone will believe it, of course, but for many Iran’s attack on Saudi Arabia seems to be absolutely unreal.

Brodie Johnston_Atoll 29 March 2010

Some countries which have always been hostile in reference to Israel will be glad to watch this attack hoping Iran will destroy the Jewish state. This is particularly true for Britain Livni who must be called an outstanding person is something absolutely insignificant.

Bryce Johnstown 29 March 2010

Some perverts may be considering the possibility that Israel will attack Iran. But if they spend a bit more time thinking, they’ll understand it’ll be of no use for ISrael at all. Israel will attack Iran? I doubt…

Tavia Joliet 29 March 2010

Situations like this are extremely unpleasant for peaceful population. Say, for Israelis married to Arabs. What would they feel to know that their brothers or sisters are killed by the relatives of their spouses?

Lachlan Jonesboro 29 March 2010

Some politicians predict Saudi Arabia will attack Israel. But others persuade us, it is highly un;likely for Arabs to do so. Say, Saudi Arabia will attack Israel. What good it will bring to it?

Ailie Joplin 29 March 2010

Everything is mixed up nowadays.Abbas + genocide Sudan has been the initiator of among Darfur. And others are so much concerned about the possibility of all these attacks. What people have forgotten is what our God has ordered us to do: be kind and tolerant.

Isobel Julian 29 March 2010

How Israel will attack Iran isn’t an issue people should be so much concerned about. No one can know for sure how the relations between two countries will develop and no one knows either how Israel will attack Iran.

Julian Milpitas 07 April 2010

It’s the same as Haiti news: everyone mentions it but no one knows what it means for sure.
As for Israel-Iran relations, there’re so many ways they may develop in, no one can predict which one they’ll choose.

Edina Milwaukee 07 April 2010

Israel attack Iran is what so many countries are secretly whispering. For many of them it would be really nice to watch Israel attack Iran. Some economies would prosper.

Timothy Missoula 07 April 2010

Some states have been dreaming about Israel attacking Iran (or vice versa) for many years. But who do they see as a winner? Perhaps namely because of their wishes JSF F-35 costs so much for Jews?

Muira Mitchell 07 April 2010

For Israel to attack Iran something is necessary than simply news on the Internet. Jews don’t seem to think a lot but even for Israel to attack Iran they’ll definitely do it.

Shane Mont-Joli 07 April 2010

There’s something more interesting than a hypothetical attacking Iran: Israel News: Female teacher investigated.

Linsey Montebello 07 April 2010

Saudi help to Israel on attack to Iran may have unpredictable consequences. Besides, very often Arabs only promise but don’t do anything. That’s why Saudi help to Israel on attack to Iran may or may not be true and real.

Adam Morehead 08 April 2010

Anyway it’s always better to rely upon yoiurself and hopefully, Nautilus missiles Israel has been talking so much about, will turn out to be a success.

Josiah Morgan_City 08 April 2010

probably Turkey will attack Israel but in case of complete insanity. There’s no use at all for this country to spoil relations with Israel. That’s why there’re no proofs whatsoever that Turkey will attack Israel.

Cullodena Mountain_View 08 April 2010

it’s very interesting to read news like this. No one knows where this information comes from and who will believe it. It’s as stupid as Israeli Arrested Arms dealer allegedly caught in the US.

Patrick Muskogee 08 April 2010

Will Israel attack Saudi Arabia then? When you start to get to know Kews a bit better, it’s evident they can do whatever it is to get some profit.Will Israel attack Saudi Arabia? Well, who knows?

Ronan New_Carrollton 09 April 2010

Will Saudi attack Iran is another point which seems to be rather exciting. If yes, the whole world will be on the verge of nuclear war. Will Saudi attack Iran, the situation among all Arabic countries will be much more tense.

Cristy Niagara_Falls 09 April 2010

Although there’re a lot of rumours as usual, for Saudi Arabia And Iran to attack Israelis some weighty reasons must be necessary. It’s not that simple to attack any country and for Saudi Arabia And Iran to attack Israelis won’t be an exception.

Dakarai New_London 09 April 2010

Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran are the countries whill hardly ever live in peace. It looks as if when there’s no war or at least some conflict, neither of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Iran have anything to do.

Adan Northport 12 April 2010

Oh, theres one thing you must know, as soon as Israel starts a major attack Iran will not stand around watching, Iran has Nucleur missiles aimed at Israel, one false move from Israel and it will be hit by nucleur rockets.

yousef hasan Bangalore 24 June 2010

The advantage of Saudi Arabia and Iran over Israel is not that striking but it does exist nevertheless. These countries have much more freedom to do what they want and feel like doing. The advantage of Saudi Arabia and Iran over Israel is taht of richer and more influential countries over a poorer one.

Salem BuenosAires,Argentina 29 June 2010

It’s like the Kennedy-Rabin issue: policy is a nasty thing to do.

Whitney LaPaz 29 June 2010

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