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Israel trapped by Iron Dome

IDF promised to move an additional Iron Dome battery to the South after the Arabs attacked Ashkelon, an important Jewish population center, with Grad rockets. The decision is silly.

In terms of deterrence, a proper response would be to bomb Gaza towns, or at least to destroy Hamas administrative buildings. The deployment of anti-missile batteries would allow the Arabs to launch more rockets at Israel knowing that her towns are somewhat protected, the population won’t suffer casualties, and IDF will not conduct significant counter-attacks. As usual, effective defense leads to escalation.

Moreover, the Iron Dome will miss some mortars and possibly will be turned off because of the staggering costs of its operation.  So Jews lose on both ends: the conflict escalates and the deterrent dwindles.

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Isn’t it obvious that the sole purpose of all passive defenses (fortifications, bomb shelters, evacuations, “defensive shields” and “iron domes”) is to provide for capability to withstand the first strike, and other strikes, of the enemy, in order to strike back and destroy this enemy and his ability to strike again?

Norman Beck Ottawa 05 April 2011

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