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Israel to pay $2.2 mil to James Miller family

In 2003, an IDF Bedouin soldier shot a British journalist in Gaza, apparently mistaking his camera for a weapon. Other accounts indicate that the filmmaker, James Miller, was merely caught in the fighting. Whatever the case, the anti-Israeli journalist is dead.

Miller’s family demanded compensation and the British government threatened Israel with a request for the soldier’s extradition. Normal nations just don’t care: Russia has ignored British extradition requests on several occasions. In the Litvinenko case, Russia’s decision sparked a short diplomatic crisis, forgotten a few months after.

Israel paid the dead Jew-hater’s family much more than the government has ever paid to the families of fallen Jewish heroes. Miller’s payment sets a dangerous precedent, which the “human rights” organizations will use to extort more money from Israel.

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James family Israel has compensated already should leave it as it is. The point is, although, that if the situation was vice versa but not a James family Israel had hurt so much, Israel would rurn everything upside down to get as much money as possible because of its eternal complexes.

Rose Ipswich 29 March 2010

Compensation,Israel, foreign visitors and many other shouldn’t simply exist as Israel is an extremely hostile country even in reference to its own inhabitants.

Kade Iqaluit 29 March 2010

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