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Israel to compensate Russians for Eilat bus crash

Israeli law offers payments for accident victims and their families. The law was meant to be used for terrorist attacks, but then it was expanded to all accidents. Legislators didn’t imagine a situation when foreign touristsówhose very presence in Israel is strictly forbidden under Jewish religious lawówould flock to Israel, suffer in accidents, and benefit from compensation.

Scores of Israelis are killed and wounded in Russia in various accidents, even anti-Semitic attacks. The Russian government never considered compensating any of them. But Jewish fraiers would pay everyone.

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Where do you get that Jewish law forbids foreign tourists in Israel. I thought the Torah says not to harass the stranger in our land.

reader USA 21 December 2008

Except that the Torah doesn’t speak in English. “Stranger” is a grossly mistaken translation of a technical term ger, which means proselyte. Proselytes – we don’t oppress them. Everyone else stays out of our land. That’s the Torah, Rambam, and every rabbi when they were still rabbis.
Read this: What stranger should we love?

admin 21 December 2008

Ok, thank you for clarifying the meaning of “ger”. However, where does it say that everyone else must stay out?

reader USA 22 December 2008

“The people who dwell alone”
Also, Or ha-Haim on Deut33:52: expel everyone, not just the seven nation. Also Rashi on Gen15:19, the same thing.
Basically, a non-Jew can only live in Eretz Israel under the conditions of tribute and servitude. That’s the Torah.
Finally, Rambam, Hilchot Avodah Zarah 10:6: “A nonJews is barred from living in Eretz Israel even temporarily or passing through it on business, unless he accepts seven Noahide laws.” He must accept the laws before rabbinate court which only functions when Jubilee cycle is in place, which is not the case now.
Not a single rabbinical commentator disagreed with this.

admin 22 December 2008

Ok, I don’t think it would be difficult to set up a counter at Ben Gurion airport where you make visitors promise to follow the Noahide laws. I think Saudi Arabia does something similar to that. The jubilee rabbinate court seems unpractical.

reader USA 23 December 2008

Ask a Christian to abandon polytheist trinity? A promise from him to abstain from worshiping Christian icons, abundant in the churches in our land?

admin 23 December 2008

Compensation,Israel, foreign visitors are incompatible notions. And due to the fact that Jews are famous all over the world for their avarice! The Russian simply compensate their citizens. And if Israel is so much against tourists, why would it let them come to the country? Compensation,Israel, foreign visitors are words which should deter people from visiting this country.

Logan Invercargill 29 March 2010

Al Jazeera Israel threatens to reduce financing must really believe it because Israelis feel greedy even if they spend money for their own country.

Isla Iowa_City 29 March 2010

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