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Israel successfully convinces herself

The government trumpets what it sees as major incriminating evidence against Iran: the rockets seized on the hijacked German ship were exactly the same as the ones UNIFIL had discovered in Lebanon. The Lebanese rockets likely belong to PIJ rather than Hezbollah, which recently entered politics and has become cautious about attacking Israel.

The Israeli announcement made no waves in international media because it is not news. Of course Iran supplies Syria, PIJ, and Hezbollah. Obama has already accepted Iran as a Middle East superpower. Of course Muslims are expected to fight Israel. Iran, a sovereign state, can ship arms to whomever it wishes. So Israeli PR is only good for domestic consumption.

While verbally blasting Iran, Lebanon, and even Egypt, which allegedly failed to inspect the cargo (though the Egyptians likely alerted the Americans, which allowed Israel to intercept the ship), the government keeps silent about Russia. But the shipment abounded with Russian, rather than Iranian weapons. The Russians continue to supply Iran with Katyusha rockets despite the weapons embargo.

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