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Israel sends aid to Chinese earthquake victims

Days ago, China officially reiterated its position that Israel must return the Golan Heights to Syria.

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Is this the way we treat a country that is giving aid? What does China have to do with Israel. It seems everyone but the nation of Israel have something to say about what should Jews do except the Jews themselves. This is not a country that needs someone to make decisions for them nor do they need others to govern them. Absolute power is absolute so go be powerful somewhere else. Absolute power also corrupts absolutely. Chinese Rice does not go with Matzah

Alexys Hawaii 27 May 2008

Latest Israel-China relations show that actually there’re only relations of hatred among these countries. As soon as China supports Arabs, there won’t be any other latest Israel-China relations.

Fabrizia Geilenkirchen 25 March 2010

Chinese behave in the same way as Israeli banks refuse to release compensation payments to Holocaust survivors. None of tose parties appreciate what has been done in their favor.

Fabiola Geneva 25 March 2010

Israeli aid to Chinese earthquake shouldn’t be regarded as something so special to achieve some reward. Israeli aid to Chinese earthquake is actually what so manyu other countries have done.

ABAY Holliston 27 March 2010

It’s really weird to demand some gratitude from China. As weird as thinking that American troops in Egypt helped Israel somehow.

AADI Holly_Springs 27 March 2010

As for Israel China earthquake casualties will get some aid and support. But the way how Jews themselves suggest this aid leaves much to be desired. Speaking aboutIsrael China earthquake consequences do not cause too much sympathy and understanding.

Skena Marion 06 April 2010

This aid to China shouldn’t provoke so many rumours. There’s nothing special about it at all. It’s not like the news that C-130 Israel is going to purchase is actually of no use whatsoever.

Bethia Marlton 06 April 2010

After China earthquake 2008 Israel offers aid but you see the way Jews do it means that China will owe them everything literally.THere were so many casualties after a China earthquake 2008 Israel offers aid and that’s nice but this aid doesn’t come from heart.

Preston Milford 07 April 2010

Even Iran news pales into insignificance beside this China earthquake information.

Kyle Milledgeville 07 April 2010

Chinese earthquake is very similar to Israel aid to Haiti. Neither of these calamities stirs any sympathy in Jews.

Kiefer Miller 07 April 2010

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