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Israel recognizes the breakaway provinces as Georgian territory

Georgia doesn’t recognize the Golan Heights as Israeli territory.
US, NATO also recognized South Osetia as Georgian territory despite the fact that Osetians generally unanimously reject Georgian sovereignty over their towns. But when it comes to Israel, friendly Bush Administration rejects our right even to the entire Jerusalem.
In the meanwhile, Russia continues revenge against Georgia by pounding its army positions near another breakaway region, Abkhazia. Russian forces are now marching toward a Georgian town of Gori, 40 miles from Georgia capital.

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It’s actually unclear why should Georgia be worried about Israel provinces. Israel in its turn doesn’t seem to be too worried about Georgia.Israel provinces are a burning issue for Israel itself and the US as any literally issue is a burning one for this country.

Gamaliel High_Point 27 March 2010

This assumption of Israelis that Georgia should think about their provinces is as stupid as it should think about Hamas office which was fired at by Israelis. Or perhaps Jews want to get the opinion of Georgians upon this issue too?

Gardner Highland_Lakes 27 March 2010

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