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Iran costs Israel too much

During his visit to Germany, Netanyahu confirmed a five-year-old order for a Dolphin-class submarine. Equipped with air-independent propulsion, the submarine can reach Iran submerged and undetected. Like other Dolphin submarines, this one can easily be modified to carry nuclear weapons. At a cost of about $1 billion, this is Israel’s sixth submarine whose only realistic target is Iran.

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Iran and Israel will always be each other’s best enemies if we can say so. That’s why Israel shouldn’t be too much concerned about the money it spends on Iran. Iran and Israel have to keep on fighting.

Gaillard Hendersonville 27 March 2010

Israel is concentrated on Muslims too much. There’re christian countries, too, which can be definitely regarded as Israelis’ enemies. For instance, Israeli drugs dealer, some Itzik Abergil US tries hard to get from the Jews, will confirm it.

Galbraith Herndon 27 March 2010

Iran Israel will never enjoy friendship. But it must be pleasant for Iran Israel spend so much money on them.

Shannon Mansfield 06 April 2010

Iran’s not the first country which costs so much. <a href="http://samsonblinded.org/news/israel-loses-billions-to-american-pressure-15541" title="Israeli banks American residents"Israeli banks American residents kept their money in turned out to be rather expensive too, after they were closed.

Christel Manton 06 April 2010

This Iran news will cost Israeli too much. I wonder, where Jews will get the money they need from. Iran news programme must be laughing a lot telling about this purchase.

Marcail Milbank 07 April 2010

Iran and not only Iran laugh quite a lot at Jews and the question Does Israel import gas from Egypt? must be funny, too.

Larena Mili 07 April 2010

According to Israel news Iran may be an expensive enemy. But on the other hand, why can’t Israel consider this country as a friend? But if this information appears on Israel news Iran would laugh a lot.

Tiago Mine_Hill 07 April 2010

No doubt, it’s much more interesting to discuss how Israel will attack Iran than to imagine they will come to some compromise one day.

Rowan Minnetonka 07 April 2010

ran’s not the first country which costs so much. Israeli banks American residents kept their money in turned out to be rather expensive too, after they were closed.

Koen Novi 12 April 2010

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