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Israel prepares claims against Arab countries

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After sixty years of indifference, the government finally got down to recording ownership claims for Jewish property left in Arab countries when 600,000 Sephardi Jews fled the Exile. The amount of property left is estimated in the hundreds of billions of dollars. Jews still hold titles to vast real estate holdings in their former countries of residence, totaling at least 25 million acres of land.

Following the Zionist victory in Israel, Jews were expelled from all the Muslim countries. Three-thousand-year-old Jewish communities in Egypt, Iraq, and Syria were completely extinguished. Iraq, a center for Jewish learning since time immemorial, now is home to less than ten Jews. Even Muslim countries friendly to Israel, such as Morocco and Tunisia, became so inhospitable that almost all Jews emigrated from them. The young Israeli state accepted the entire burden of repatriation. Sephardi Jews left affluence—and often riches—behind in their former countries, and lived for many years in refugee camps during the period of absorption.

Various UN bodies issued hundreds of resolutions on Arab refugees from Israel, but not a single one on Jewish refugees from Arab countries. While Arab and “human rights” organizations bug Israel over the meager property of 400,000 expelled from Israel in 1948, Israel traditionally has refrained from counter-claims.

In Hebron alone, Arabs confiscated the entire Jewish quarter, hundreds of houses, after Jews fled the city of Abraham following the 1929 massacre. After conquering Judea in 1967, the Israeli government holds the real estate in trust, but has not returned even a single house to its heirs, lest the Jews come back to live in their ancient city.

The claims affair is an election trick. The Pensioners Affairs Ministry established the claims board to send a message to Sephardi voters: if you do not elect the Pensioners Party, the next government will dismantle the sinecure ministry along with its claims program.

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