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Israel not invited to her funeral

The G-8 demanded that Israel freeze the “natural growth” of the settlements. Arab countries were invited to the meeting while Israel was not.

And look who is talking:
the United States, which built on the occupied land of murdered Native Indians,
Russia, which holds Japanese Kuril Islands,
the post-Nazi Germany,
France, which slaughtered millions in Algiers and Indochina,
Japan, which cannot pinpoint Palestine on the map,
and Britain, which conducted a bloody conflict in Northern Ireland instead of allowing it independence.

The Prophets told us that salvation will come when all nations turn against Israel. Only in our age of globalization did that become possible.

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Why do you think so many countries want a One World Government??The United Nations is a COMMUNIST organization fronted by the UNITED STATES..These people are only interested in total control of Freedom loving people and will do what ever is necessary to achieve their goal..Getting Israel under their control is one of their main objectives..Obama is their number one choice in how to convince the world that its okay to control Israel..

raymond cornwall 04 September 2009

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