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Israel may find its relationship with India cooling

This will be beyond India’s usual level of independence. China has quietly found a way around regional rivalries and has included India in new arrangements it has made with Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, and China. Attempts by the US to isolate China economically have backfired, and now China is attempting to create a kind of Pacific Trade Group. Look for more partners to be added in the near future. The clincher is cheap oil from Iran, which will be used in a time of rising oil prices to benefit these soon-to-be-interwoven economies. It is projected that India will not become antagonistic towards Israel or the west, but that its level of cooperation will decline. India still wants access to American markets and resources, and it still wants Israeli arms, even though these arms contracts have never been popular in India.

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I think you could almost add Iraq into that trade group. As far back as early December Iraq was stating that Iran was becoming an important trading partner in their economic growth. Iran and Iraq have been increasing ties as Iran has been doing with most Arab nations. While Obama has been crowing about trade sanctions, Iran has found allies and new trade partners that do not share the American view

Bill Claremont 04 March 2012

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