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Modern Middle East is too risky for Leviev

Russian Jewish oligarch Lev Leviev buys another building in New York for $200 mil, will invest another $100 mil. In a separate deal, Leviev invests $243 mil in Russian real estate.
Putin chose Lev Leviev to replace another Jewish billionaire Gusinsky as Russiaís top Jew. Leviev had urgently set up a network of Jewish organizations parallel to Gusinskyís. After Putin ousted Gusinsky, his old Jewish organizations went down. Putin pays Leviev for spearheading Russian interests in Israel with diamond concessions in Russia.

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Zello 16 May 2008

Modern oligarchs shy from the conflicts eve in the Middle East. In antiquity, oligarchs profited by financing private armies, but the modern Middle East conflict sees an exodus of oligarchs to safer places.

Anonymous 06 March 2010

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