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Israel-Hezbollah prisoner exchange: terrorists for corpses

Samir KuntarDespite the objections of Shin-Bet and Mossad, Israeli government voted 22:3 to release the notorious unrepentant terrorist Samir Kuntar, scores of others, in exchange for Regev and Goldwasser corpses. It is long understood that Regev and Goldwasser died from their wounds during or shortly after the Hezbollah cross-border attack that sparked the 2006 war with Lebanon. Hezbollah repeatedly refused to offer proof of life.
Livni, who voted against the previous prisoner exchange under Sharon (hundreds of terrorists for an Israeli drug dealer) objected to this swap, but voted for it. The deeply religious Sha$ saw no problem in releasing Jew-murderers rather than executing them, as the commandment goes. Only Roni Bar-On, Ze’ev Boim and Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann deserve respect for voting against the deal.
The logic behind the swap remains murky. Olmert claims he wants the end to Regev-Goldwasser issue. Israel had to reward the German negotiators with some sort of a deal, so that their two years of negotiating with Hezbollah won’t be wasted.
Leftist media hunted the government on the Regev-Goldwasser affair. The prisoner swap is a boon to the media: if public accepts the swap, the media would claim victory over the foot-dragging government. Otherwise, media will lash out against Olmert for a disproportionate deal.
Olmert has to test public nerves before the massive release of Palestinian terrorists in exchange for a meager Cpl.Shalit; it is rather unlikely that the public would explode being ripped for the second time.
Samir Kuntar, an arch-murderer of Jews, is very popular among Arabs and Israeli peace camp, and the prisoner exchange brings Olmert some new votes. On other hand, Kuntar spent three decades behind the bars in Israel, and his continued imprisonment hardly punishes him a lot.
Kuntar’s release is a great boost to Nasrallah’s public image, as the Hezbollah leader repeatedly promised to bring the high-profile terrorist back to Lebanon. Israel kept Kuntar in the hope of gaining information about the lost Jewish pilot Ron Arad, but Hezbollah apparently knows nothing about him. Disgusting as it is, it makes sense of Olmert to close the chapter.

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Why can’t we place a tracking chip in him to take care of business later on? Same with the rest of the prisoners to be released. If we can do it to dogs, then we can do it to these pieces of dog shit.

LV USA 30 June 2008

This “negotiating with Hezbollah” is absolutely useless. The feelings of Israel are easy to understand but those people are dead and this terrorist may cause significantly more harm to Israel in the future. “Negotiating with Hezbollah” should be stopped and some kind of referendum should be conducted among the population on this subject.

Gafna Hastings 27 March 2010

It looks as if Israel has some special feelings of love towards Palestine. Thus, Israeli animals do not need food at all while Palestinian ones will die out without Israeli help.And here these Arabs behave in the way after which they should be simply destroyed. All of them.

ANDREA Hat_Yai 27 March 2010

Prisoner exchange Livni is so much against is perhaps inevitable because national heroes are heroes anyway, even being dead. Therefore, prisoner exchange Livni has still voted for is so important for Israelis.

Elsbeth Mandan 05 April 2010

Probably because of being too emeotional Israelis often make some things they might regret in the future. This prisoner (dead) exchange is one point, Jews and ivf is another.

Liam Mangum 05 April 2010

Prisoner exchange Regev Goldwasser negotiators doing their best to succeed in, don’t seem to have any sense at all.Prisoner exchange Regev Goldwasser negotiators may succeed in, what will it bring toJews? Nothing. And to Palestinians? – Another terrorist.

Ariel Middletown 06 April 2010

Jews need to conceive as many children as possible who will be able to take revenge on those who killed their counterparts but instead Jews think that after an egg donor non-Jew appears.

Bradana Midland 06 April 2010

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