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Israel funds Al Aqsa Martyrsí Brigade

Palestinian boss Abu Mazen denied that Al Aqsa Martyrsí Brigade will be dismantled. The Aqsa Martyrsí Brigade carried numerous suicide attacks in Israel, terrorize common Palestinians, and engage in racketeering.
Instead, Abu Mazen incorporates Al Aqsa Martyrsí Brigade into Palestinian security forces.
Israeli government of morons and traitors decided today to release tax money to Abbas government. The Palestinians will use the money to pay the outfits like Education Ministry which disseminates hatred to Jews and PA security forces which now include Al Aqsa Martyrsí Brigade. Israeli money will benefit the people who voted for Hamas and pay the salaries of Hamas members in the vast Palestinian bureaucracy.
Israel wonít deduct from the remittances to Abbas the cost of free water, electricity, food, and medicines the Jews supply to Gaza. Three Jews were wounded today by rocket fire from Gaza; PIJ/Al Aqsa Martyrsí Brigade claimed responsibility.

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