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Israel frames Obama, Erdogan

In a rarely-seen remnant of her former boldness and ingenuity, Israel orchestrated a leak to a Kuwaiti newspaper that Osama Bin Laden and his lieutenant Zawahiri have lived in Savzevar, a town in Iran, for the last five years. According to the story, Erdogan and his security chiefs knew very well of the location.

Even in the twisted world of security services, it is unlikely that Israel has kept this information quiet for years. Probably we received the info only recently from Turkey’s ousted intelligence chiefs, who wanted to pay back Erdogan.

A proper move for Israel would have been to strike at Bin Laden immediately and claim immense PR credit in the United States. Our failure to do so testifies how obscenely weak Israeli political leaders have become.

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obama or osama? duh

Anonymous 13 August 2010

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