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Israel decries American sale of useless weapons to Saudis

$20 billion arms sales to Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and petty sheikhdoms would include truly useless items: hyper-expensive naval vessels, GPS-guided bombs which proved a failure in Iraq due to their small payload, and upgrades to the aircraft the Arabs have no skills to fly, anyway.
Minor Democratic congressmen also decry the arms sale to Saudi Arabia which rids itself of Islamic activists by sending them to fight among Iraqi insurgents. Mainstream Democrats won’t oppose the deal, hugely beneficial to the American military-industrial complex.

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The question how much weapon America sells each year will never be answered completely. Although everyuone knows that irrespective of how much weapon America sells each year, there will be some other suppliers who may sell even more.

Faxon Hannah 25 March 2010

Daniel Ortega Israel has helped somehow witg weapons was betrayed by the US. And after that they keep on selling low quality gymics to Arabic countries. It’s dirty!

Felim Hannibal 25 March 2010

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