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Israel continues help to friendly Gaza

Olmert rejects cutting off Israeli supply of water and electricity to Gaza, even though Palestinians don’t pay for the utilities. Israel doesn’t even deduct the cost of utilities from her tax transfers to Palestine.
Olmert believes that cutting water and electricity off won’t stop the PIJ and PRC from launching rockets at Israel. That assumption is highly dubious because Hamas would have to stop PIJ and PRC from launching rockets at Israel if it wants to retain its power in Gaza. Palestinians won’t support Hamas if its policies lead to cutoff in water and electricity supply.
Israeli government also rejects military intervention in Gaza to stop the incessant rocket attacks on Sderot. No country ever showed similar restraint in the face of aggression by a minor enemy. Olmert’s position on military operation in Gaza makes sense because it would unite Arabs against Israel, but makes no sense because Arabs are thus united, anyway. A speedy and efficient blow to Hamas would reestablish Israeli deterrence lost in the protracted war against Hezbollah.
Labor, Meretz MKs call for patience in the face of Palestinian rocket attacks. Abbas urges Israel against attacking Gaza because the attack would pit him with Israel against Palestinians or with Palestinians against Israel. The US demands restraint from Israel in order to conduct the show of the Middle East peace conference.

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