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Israel caught supplying weapons to Nicaragua

Spanish customs found 700 handguns and rifles in a container shipped from Israel to Nicaragua. The cargo was inspected in Spain during transshipment.
Nicaraguans recently re-elected a Communist president Daniel Ortega, the US nemesis. Israel often does the USí dirty work of training and arming Latin American rebels against local communists.

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Zello 11 May 2008

Daniel Ortega Israel has supported so passionately as it turned out, must be grateful. Daniel Ortega Israel’s friend as it appears will make Israel notorious all over the world.

Farren Hancock 25 March 2010

And after Jews have done for the US F-35 Israel was willing to buy from this superpower will not be helpful for Israeli army because of the US’s prejudices.

Jake Hankinson 25 March 2010

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