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Israel and Vatican: who needs whom?

After thirteen years of deliberations, Israel and the Vatican have prepared a stripped-down economic agreement. That’s an essential requirement for full diplomatic relations, which the Vatican agreed to establish with us only in 1993.

Since then, the parties have bickered over Vatican property in Israel. Several Christian denominations cannot decide among themselves who owns what, and matters are complicated by the fact that many properties are located in the Palestinian-occupied territories.

Instead of just closing off the Vatican’s access to all these properties until the economic agreement has been signed on Israel’s terms, our government has accepted the Catholics’ demands. Halacha is unambiguous: all those properties must be demolished.

Pope in Israel

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Perhaps the xtians have stolen the ark of the covenant……now would be the time to return it to US

avi 11 June 2012

Arutz Sheva posted an report on June 12 about a possible secret agreement to hand over David’s Tomb to the Vatican. The news report was withdrawn hours ago and can’t be accessed. I know because I kept the link. Does Samson Blinded have any news about this deal?

Canadian Otter 13 June 2012

That is an old offer by Peres. But who cares about the tomb when we gave away David’s capital, Hebron.

admin 14 June 2012

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