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Iraqis will long for Saddam yet

Suicide bombing in Karbala, IraqTwo suicide bombers killed 40 and wounded 150 pilgrims in Iraq near Karbalah. As the US troops are set to withdraw by August, Iraq may descend into chaos and terrorism.

So far, Shiite groups have refrained from retaliating for various terrorist acts against them. The Sadr militia and other Iranian-backed groups have shown restraint in order to avoid prompting Americans to delay the withdrawal. But after August, they will act.

When everyone else lauded the US Army’s surge tactics, we said that the results would be short-lived.

Attacks on Shiites intensified somewhat after the Iraqi Shiite-led government banned 511 Sunni candidates from the elections over their connections with Saddam. Under American pressure, Iraqi judges overturned the ban, which leaves us wondering, are those people in the State Department really crazy? In the name of liberal democracy—which does not exist in this part of the world—they ensured a deadlocked parliament in Iraq. A proper solution would be to give Shia parts of Iraq back to Iran, allow independence for Kurdistan, and let Iraq persist as a Sunni state.

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