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Iran's election fraud rivals Israel's

The defeated “moderate” Mousawi claims 10 million fake votes were cast for Ahmadinejad. Iranian police quashed the riots by Mousawi’s supporters.

Likely, the voter fraud was within limits. In Israel, too, election fraud is rampant: Arab villages are bought off, and opponents’ voting bills are discarded and counted wrongly.

The Obama administration vowed to continue negotiations with Ahmadinejad despite the allegedly fraudulent elections.

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Election fraud in Arab country is no surprise at all. These people manage to get quarelled even within the borders of their own country! Election fraud in Arab country is actully as widespread as it is in Israel, too.

ATSUKO Guangzhou 25 March 2010

Probabbly the country where there is no fraud are those nuts from America. And some European countries. And that’s all. In all developing countries there are situations like that.

Nathan Chongqing 25 March 2010

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