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Iranian expansion is not about religion

Shiites in IranA small piece of news was virtually lost in the feeds despite its major significance. During the Ashura religious event, Hamas police cracked down on Gaza’s small Shiite community, which had assembled for prayer. Later, the Gazan Foreign Ministry issued a statement that Shia have no place in the Strip, which is a Sunni country.

Hamas, remember, is vitally dependent on Iran, which is a Shiite country. Iran is known for fostering Shiite movements even in Africa, and certainly in the Middle East. Iranian political expansion is usually related to the ayatollahs’ goal of spreading their version of Islam.

The fact that Hamas can suppress Shiites and then boast of it shows that Iranian imperial ambitions are not directed toward religious ends. Because the Iranians pursue rational political goals, they would not consider apocalyptic solutions, and can be checked.

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don’t exactly understand your point here.
That they would not use n weapon because such a move is politically unsound,
or that they would not retaliate after strike on their nukes, for that same reason.
Or maybe something else?

yitschak yavniel 19 January 2012

Just that they are rational politicians, not religious fanatics

admin 20 January 2012

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