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Iran sets a date for apocalypse-lite

Iran warned the world about the major response to “Zionist supporters” on October 12, which is the day for anti-Israeli rallies. A missile test? Accumulation of the sufficient amount of weapon-grade uranium? Merely a lot of demonstrations?

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The Ahmadinejad strategy has been to speak so apocalyptically and triumphally, that no one can tell when something actually important changes. By insisting they are a nuclear state, that they pose an existential threat to Israel now, that they can enrich uranium, when all these things are not true quite yet, is a very clever method of lulling the rest of the world into a false sense of alarm, so it will seem we are crying wolf when there is a real problem. When they actually enrich enough uranium for a bomb, or achieve whatever they need to advance their programme, it will seem just like another bombastic proclamation. Ahmadinejad is very clever.

Quijybo NYC 20 September 2007

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