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Iran remains committed to Assad

Disagreeing with the conventional wisdom, we held that Tehran wouldn’t abandon Assad’s regime even when it began to fall to the insurgency.

Our view has been vindicated by the upcoming joint Iranian-Syrian exercises, parts of which will take place in Syria.

Assad and Ahmadinejad

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Not exactly Syria: I bought “Universismen” by Vidkun Quisling(www.juritzen.no
Kode for acsess:abraham_lauritz
Unfortunate in norwegian, but historicly the continueaty to holocvoust and todays antisemittisme.
Today the spirituality of it and the nonsprituality of it gives dead over jews and tolerate some jews and use “them”
This is NOT the only one,mainly the most hated version.
Look it up!For yourselves sake.
Many explenations.I say: same origin.
Am I right or wrong!

bente HøvikNorway 20 November 2011

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