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Iran rebuffed US overtures

Ayatollah Khamenei, Iran’s highest authority, slammed Obama for continuing Bush’s policies toward Iran and continuing support for the Zionist state. Among the exceedingly polite Iranians, Khamenei’s speech amounts to a very rough rejection of Obama’s offer to negotiate.

Indeed, there is nothing to negotiate: Iran insists on its right to a nuclear bomb, which it will have very soon, and Obama did not even formulate incentives to woo the mullahs away from their pet project (probably no incentive can achieve that).

The battle of two illegal leaders is curious. On one hand, Obama could not have legally become the American president because of his dual citizenship at birth and probable birth in Kenya. On other hand, Khamenei rose to the helm only because Rafsanjani lied to the ayatollahs that Khomeini appointed him before dying.

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I didn`t expect anything different from this Ayatollah. These people all have this everlasting hatred of Israel and the Jewish people and they want the president to discontinue their support for them.
It`s wholly irrational as the Jewish nation have done nothing to warrant this and have tried from the outset as a nation in 1948 to get along with the Arabs but they just don`t want to know and insist on demonising them. The lies and deception comes out in the media which is partly responsible for the rising anti-semitism in the West.

Carole ColwynBay 05 March 2009

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