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Iran overcomes all technical difficulties

Iran has overcome all its technical difficulties and is now ready to start building a bomb from their available stock of 1.8 tons of uranium, according to Israeli Military Intelligence.

Meanwhile, Iran’s political problems keep growing: tens of thousands of students and other pro-reform protesters clashed with Iranian police. To count on the reformers would be unwise, because Iranian politics is too entangled and could develop either way: the regime has successfully quelled student movements several times in past decades; the student protesters include both pro-American liberals and fierce Ahmadinejad-type nationalists who reject the ayatollahs but welcome the bomb; and Mousawi and Rafsanjani are staunchly pro-nuclear.

If Iran gets the bomb, the reformists will become dangerous: faced with imminent loss of power, the nuclear mullahs might go berserk, and would be liable to do anything, from passing the bomb to Syria or terrorists to bombing Israel.

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