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Iran may become more radical

If reports of Ayatollah Khamenei falling into a coma prove true, the Rafsanjani-led Council of Elders may appoint a new leader. Since Rafsanjani is searching for a pretext to remove him, Khamenei might be replaced even if remains alive but incapacitated.

Rafsanjani is ultra-corrupt and politically moderate, but he is the godfather of Iran’s nuclear program. Rafsanjani ran a nuclear research network that was secret even from Ayatollah Khomeini, who issued a fatwa banning WMD. Rafsanjani pressed Khomeini’s successor, Ayatollah Khamenei, to issue a fatwa circumventing Khomeini’s ban. Khamenei’s refusal to overrule the Imam is the only thing preventing Iran from building nuclear weapons immediately.

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The answer to the question How to become Ayatollah may be more difficult for Rafsanjani than he thinks. Anyway,Ayatollah has some fans. But still Rafsanjani will have to explain How to become Ayatollah in the nearest future.

Daivat Galveston 24 March 2010

If Iran becomes more radical, then Iran and Kurds will have even more conflicts and they will find their reflection in international relations too.

ALIDA Gander 24 March 2010

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