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In Israel, only Arabs live to 120

The traditional Jewish blessing was realized in an Israeli Arab woman, born in 1888 and still alive. Mariam Amash has over 250 great-grandchildren.
Talk of the demographic threat.

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It’s a shame! Raising our own 5th Column! And in the same time, in the US “liberated” in 1984 from slavery Blacks live, in most cases, no more than 76.5 female and 69.8, while the majority os not reaching even 60, but fighting with the Arabs against Jews and Israel by joining islamo-Fascists from the Nation of Islam of Lewis Farrakhan.

Maccabee Jerusalem,Israel 19 February 2008

Typing errors: Instead of “1984″, please read “January 1, 1863″;
Instead of “os”, please read “is”.

Maccabee Jerudsalem,Israel 19 February 2008

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wikipedia israel

Zello 12 May 2008

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