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In Afghanistan, collateral damage is okay

NATO troops killed 12 Afghani civilians by mistake, a common occurrence in the fog of war. Goldstone did not rush to investigate the Brits, and neither did the UNSC schedule an extraordinary meeting. Those demarches are reserved for when Israel kills a few Arabs in Gaza.

In its report on Goldstone’s allegations, IDF avoided taking a simple and unassailable position: yes, we did kill hundreds of Arab civilians in Gaza, just as American troops have killed non-combatants in Korea, Vietnam, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, and many other places. They are collateral damage. We cannot and will not bend over backwards verifying our targets before every shot. If they do not like that, we can help them all cross into Jordan so that they make it a Palestinian state.

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Very well said!!

Carole ColwynBay 15 February 2010

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