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IDF spirals Gaza violence

As the Arabs have fired more than a hundred rockets from Gaza at Israel, the government has finally allowed IDF to kill their enemies rather than bombing empty shacks and tunnels.

In several airstrikes tonight, IDF killed a handful of Arabs, all PIJ members. The Arabs vowed retaliation, and so on.

The IAF attack needlessly endangered Jews, as PIJ responded with a massive barrage of rockets and shells.

The government shrinks from accepting a simple truth: IDF’s mild violence provokes Arab retaliation and causes the conflict to spiral; only overwhelming destruction would crush the Gazans’ will to fight us.

Palestinian militants operate under exceedingly difficult conditions of pervasive Israeli intelligence; basically, they are dead men walking. Just imagine the amount of Israeli intelligence workrequired to allow the air force to reliably target individual terrorists in Gaza’s slums.

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