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IDF pushes religious Jews out of combat units

IDF Human Resources’ boss Stern clashed again with yeshivas for “failing” to comply with his demand of providing conscripts for mixed religious-secular units. As a punishment, Stern banned yeshiva students from the prized Golani and paratroopers’ brigades.
IDF screams of yeshiva students refusal to serve in the army, and further discourages them by requiring their integration in mixed (in practice, secular) units.
IDF doesn’t want highly motivated religious Jews who would refuse the orders to pity Arab civilians or destroy Jewish settlements.

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Zello 11 May 2008

IDF treatment of religious Jews is something strange. Any other army would be only happy to have soldiers like this.IDF treatment of religious Jews should be changed as soon as possible because Israeli army may lose great fighters.

Caius Flint 23 March 2010

Israel needs more and more warriors to fight with Palestinians and the government refuses from having rweall great people who will have no sorrows when fighting with Palestinians.

Calder Florala 23 March 2010

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