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IDF improvises police work in Gaza

Israeli soldiers seek weapons caches and Palestinian guerrillas in Gaza. Any army is woefully unprepared for that kind of a police job. Even with Shabak’s excellent intelligence, arrests of Hamas officials or targeted raids against rank-and-file members are hugely expensive and highly inefficient. They expose IDF troops to enemy snipers and create confusion, as soldiers have no experience enabling them to differentiate between civilians and non-uniformed guerrillas.

The one thing IDF Staff doesn’t advertise is that it uses the troops as bait to draw Palestinian guerrillas into open battles in a bid to destroy as many of them as possible. IDF cannot realistically kill more than a fraction of the 40,000 (Hamas, PIJ, PRC, PLFP) to 110,000 (including Fatah) guerrillas, many of them non-uniformed and living civilian life (e.g., Army of Islam).

Even without organized resistance, Israeli losses are not low: more than forty wounded (most of them lightly) and one dead. IDF has increased the deadliness of its encounters: whereas aerial strikes killed one Palestinian for every five wounded, ground clashes provide a kill-to-wounded ratio of 1:3. Only about a hundred Palestinian guerrillas are dead in the invasion, which brings their death toll in the operation close to 600.

Taking over northern Gaza reduced the number of rocket attacks by about two thirds, but those are inefficient Kassam projectiles. More lethal Katyusha rockets can be fired from southern Gaza.

Palestinian resistance stiffened as Israeli troops entered urban combat.

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Guerrillas for Gaza will do their best to kill as many IDF soldiers as possible. In their turn, IDF forces should think more carefully why Guerrillas for Gaza are so dangerous and how they can fight with them effectively.

Bechira Fall_River 23 March 2010

Not only Guerillas are dangerous. Not that long time ago there was an UAV Hamas hit. But the point was that Hamas insisted Israeis hit it themselves.

Barry Fallon 23 March 2010

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