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IDF engages in ideological rape of religious soldiers

Concert in armyWhile the leftists demand the forcible drafting of haredim into the army, a recent incident demonstrated just why the religious soldiers avoid it.

The dispute is over religious prohibition for men to listen to women singing . The army forces religious soldiers to listen to it, though there is clearly no need to do so, and such performances have nothing to do with military preparedness.

Now the soldiers have asked merely to be allowed to use earplugs or audio players when women sing. They would be present at official ceremonies (performances, in fact), but merely want to exercise their religious freedoms in a manner totally irrelevant to the proceedings. Yet, they were refused even that little.

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In that case, they should indeed, go all force against army service, and make this proceedure of “forced rape”, absolutely clear to the world, as the reason.
Even, and especially, those who WOULD do army service, should absolutely refuse any idea of such a thing, as long as this “forced rape”, is outlawed totally.
OK, i understand giving them (hareidi soldiers) a hard time (not really), but NEVER one any occasion, should they be even insulted or be called names or be denied all benefits which in any can be construed as being revenge for them putting in earphones to block out female voices, or eye patches to not see them when on show.
If any fellow soldier dares insult a hareidi over it, they should be punished severely. There should be none of this in the army!
Better still, make the whole army more religious, or optionally religous.

Shimon Taylor jerusalem 25 April 2012

That female singing, not the terrorist’s threats, seems to be the IDF’s most pressing problem.
Like the settlements being the Supreme Court’s one and only preoccupation.
Israel has gone mad!

yidlmitnfidl, Medicine Hat AB 25 April 2012

Nowhere in the Torah does it say that enlisted men should´t listen to women singing.
Instead, it tell the story that when Melehk David would return from battling the philisteens the women would joyfully sign to him and his soldiers.

Meyer Vaisman Barcelona 08 May 2012

True, but shouldn’t be soldiers left to their own religious principles?

admin 08 May 2012

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